Electrical Training Equipment

Basic Electrical Laboratory Equipment Didactic Equipment Teaching Equipment

Item No.: ZE3185P
ZE3185P Basic Electrical Laboratory Equipment Didactic Equipment Teaching Equipment for college, university, vocational training schools, Polytechnics, engineering development center.

ZE3185P Basic Electrical Laboratory Equipment Didactic Equipment Teaching Equipment
I. Product overview
1.1 Overview
The training device includes various types of inductive motors and industrial control components. Through relevant experiments, you can familiarize yourself with the operating characteristics of DC motors and synchronous motors, master the control principles and control methods, and cultivate students' corresponding knowledge and skills. Teaching and skills training assessments for vocational, tertiary, secondary vocational schools and technical schools.
1.2 Features
(1) The training platform adopts aluminum profile column frame structure, with cushion on the bottom, measuring instrument and training power supply built-in integrated installation, easy to use and not easy to damage.
(2) The motor is fully equipped and can be used in combination to complete the training content of various courses.
(3) The training platform has a good security protection system.

II. Technical parameters
(1) Input power: three-phase five-wire system 380V±10% 60Hz
(2) Dimensions: 1600mm × 400mm × 1200mm
(3) Machine capacity: <1.5KVA
(4) Weight: <150kg
(5) Working conditions: ambient temperature -10 ° C ~ +40 ° C Relative humidity <85% (25 ° C)

III. Product composition
3.1 Power Control Screen
The power control panel adopts an aluminum alloy profile panel, and the closed box structure is integrated with the lower placement frame.
3.2 Power Control Screen Configuration
(1) Three-phase five-wire power input, controlled by leakage circuit breaker, with emergency stop control button. In emergency, press the emergency stop button breaker to cut off the power.
(2) It is equipped with a power indicator, a power outlet, and a safety power output terminal.
(3) Configure the AC motor special protection switch, built-in AC power supply, with short circuit protection.
(4) Built-in AC power supply with short circuit protection.
3.3 Components
(1) Hanging box module
The training device is equipped with 11 hanging box modules, which can be connected through the K4 test line for related experiments.
IV. Training content can be completed
4.1 Three-phase AC asynchronous motor related experiments
4.2 series excitation DC motor related experiments
(1) Motion function and transmission group test
(2) Static test of motor technical parameters
(3) Motor control circuit connection and function
(4) Technical test of sports function