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Gas Absorption Teaching Education Equipment For School Lab Fluid Mechanics Experiment Equipment

Item No.: CE 400
CE 400 Gas Absorption Teaching Education Equipment For School Lab Fluid Mechanics Experiment Equipment
CE 400 Gas Absorption Teaching Education Equipment For School Lab Fluid Mechanics Experiment Equipment
Absorption is used to remove one or more gaseous components from a gas flow using a solvent.
First of all, a CO2 and air gas mixture is produced. It is possible to adjust the mixing ratio using valves. The flow rates of the gas components are displayed.
A compressor delivers the gas mixture into the lower section of the absorption column. In the column, part of the CO2 is separated in the counterflow with the solvent. Water is used as the solvent. The CO2 is absorbed by the downward flowing water. To separate the absorbed CO2, the charged water is then fed from the lower section of the absorption column into a desorption column. As the pressure is reduced and the temperature is increased, the solubility of the CO2 falls. A heater heats the water. A water jet pump generates negative pressure in the desorption column and causes the CO2 gas to be emitted from the water. A pump then delivers the regenerated solvent back into the absorption column.
The water temperature can be controlled. Flow rate, temperature and pressure are continuously measured. The two-section column is equipped with connections to determine the pressure losses. The pressure loss in the respective sections can be displayed via two U-tube manometers. To evaluate the success of the process, the trainer includes outlets for taking gas and liquid samples. The gas samples can be analysed using the hand-held measuring unit supplied.
separation of CO2/air mixture by absorption in counterflow with water
production of gas mixture using CO2 from compressed gas cylinder and ambient air
adjustment of mixing ratio using valves
compressor for delivering the gas mixture into the absorption column
DURAN glass absorption column (packed bed) and desorption column
continuous solvent regeneration in circuit with desorption column under vacuum

1 pump for desorption column and 1 pump for returning solvent to absorption column
water temperature control with heater and refrigeration system
refrigerant R513A, GWP: 631
Technical data
Absorption column
height: 2x 750mm, inner diameter: 80mm
Desorption column
height: 750mm, inner diameter: 80mm
2 pumps (absorption/desorption)
max. flow rate: 17,5L/min
max. head: 47m
1 pump (cooling)
max. flow rate: 29L/min
max. head: 1,4m
max. positive pressure: 2bar
max. flow rate: 39L/min
Refrigeration capacity: 1432W at 5/32°C

Refrigerant: R513A, GWP: 631
filling volume: 600g CO2-equivalent: 0,4t Measuring ranges
flow rate: 0,2…2,4Nm3/h (air) 50…600L/h (solvent) 0,4…5,4L/min (CO2)
temperature: 1x 0…80°C, 2x 0…60°C
pressure: 1x 0…2,5bar, 1x -1…0,6bar
differential pressure: 2x 0…250mmWC
CO2-content: 0…100vol%
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
230V, 60Hz, 1 phase; 230V, 60Hz, 3 phases UL/CSA optional
Dimensions and weight LxWxH: 1920x790x2300mm
Weight: approx. 290kg Required for operation
CO2 gas cylinder with pressure reducing valve water connection, drain