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Food Machine Trainer

Loosen Meat Training Equipment, Food Machine Trainer

Item No.: SS5005
Loosen Meat Training Equipment Food Machine Trainer Vocational Training Equipment For college, university.
SS5005 Loosen Meat Training Equipment Food Machine Trainer
1 Product overview 
1.1 Overview 
This device is suitable for meat processing, make the meat quality of finished processing loosen , fresh and tender.
1.2 Characteristic 
(1)Device adapt the stainless steel and Al-Mg material, strong and durable.
(2)Small body, easy to cleaning, convenient to carry.
(3)Dozens of blade combination, loosen meat shortcut.

2 Performance parameter
(1)  Input power supply: two phase three wire system 220V±10% 50Hz
(2)  Boundary dimension: 600mm×400mm×500mm
(3)  Motor power: 0.5KW 
(4)  Weight:<30kg
(5) Working condition: environment temperature:  -10℃~+40℃

3 Product content 
3.1 Loosen meat machine handpiece  
Loosen meat machine handpiece are composed of stainless steel shell and combined type rolling blade.
3.2  Engine base  
Loosen meat machine is composed of stainless steel shell, drive motor, skid resistance footing, etc. Power supply control switch built in engine base, it can realize positive and negative going motion control, easy to operation, convenience.