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Speed Variation Magnetic Powder Brake Training Bench, Didactic Equipment

Item No.: ZE5109C
ZE5109 Close Circuit Television Trainer CCTV Trainer Training Module Vocational Training Equipment for college, university.
ZE5109C Speed Variation Magnetic Powder Brake Training Bench Didactic Equipment Electrical Lab Equipment
This bench can be used to study a drive solution for an asynchronous
motor, by simulating various types of mechanical load called constant,
proportional or quadratic torque (pump, fan, hoist etc.).
A switch can be used to simulate simple breakdowns to make use of the
Altivar diagnostic information.

The bench is mounted on a frame with locking castors.
It consists of:
1 x 1.5 kW asynchronous motor with inertia wheel and powder brake
1 x 1.5 kW 400 V Altivar 71 drive with braking resistor
1 TSX Micro PLC for controlling various types of load
1 drive control sequence (selector switches and indicator lights)
Measuring points on safety sockets for reading the following

_ AC supply voltage and current
_ motor voltage and current
_ motor temperature (PT100 probe)
_ speed feedback voltag