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Vocational Training Equipment, Stand Alone Generator Set Trainer

Item No.: SR3102
SR3102 Stand Alone Generator Set Trainer Vocational Training Equipment Educational Equipment for college, university.
SR3102 Stand Alone Generator Set Trainer Vocational Training Equipment Educational Equipment
1 Product overview
1.1 Overview
Training device through the relevant experiment, can be familiar with stand alone generator set features and function, to master the principle and control mode, the corresponding knowledge and skills, suits, higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools and vocational school related professional teaching and skills training examination.
Safety Issues!
1.This generator set exhause is with toxicity! 
This generator set exhaused air is CO, it is with toxicity, can lead people be in Coma, or death in a short period!
You should avoid to inhalation it! You mustn’t use this generator in ventilation obstructed place!
2.This generator fuel oil is with high flammability, and is with toxicity
Please note when filling oil, must turn off the generator!
Mustnt’ filling oil with fire or smoking.
Mustn’t spill oil or slop over engine and silencer.

When move the generator, must keep the generator in upright position! If
You lean the generator, the fuel oil will leakage in carburetor and oil tank, and will be dangerous!
3.Engine and silencer wil be heat
Please put this generator in the place which children or passerby can’t touch it.
When generator running, forbid to put any combustible material near the exhaust port.
The distance between this generator and other building or things must ne more than 1 meter. If not, this generator will be overheat!
When this generator running, you shouldn’t put any dust cover!
The silencer will be very hot during engine running and after a while after engine stop running, please don’t touch the silencer! Before delivery ot storage generator, you should wait for it be cooled, so as to avoid fire or scald.
Please operate as the label showed condiiton. If didn’t operate as this condition, or cooling is not enough, you should decrease engine load.
4.Prevent electric shock
Forbid use this generator in rainy days or in snow days
Mustn’t use wet hand to touch this generator. If you don’t listen, you will be risk of electric shock!
Must has good connectionto the ground.

 5. Notice! Please use electrical wire with enought electric flux
Ground wire diameter should be calculated according to 0.12mm2/A
Technical specifications: 10A use diamter 1.2mm copper wire
Wire notice!
Please avoid connect this generator to power socket which with electricity.
Please avoid connect this generator with other generator.
 6.Warning! Ths generator is used for general purpose power supply, if you need add digital process equipment or computer, please equip voltage stabilizer by yourself.
Before connecting power generator to building, the certificated electrician must install Isolating switch on the main fuse box. This switch is generator power connection point, and can select the connection method is generator or the main line power to connect to building.