Mechatronics Training Equipment

Modular Product System, Vocational Training Equipment

Item No.: MPS900
MPS900 Modular Product System Vocational Training Equipment Mechatronics Trainer for college, university.
MPS900 Modular Product System Vocational Training Equipment Mechatronics Trainer
Modular product system is developed on the basis of Siemens industrial automation PLC control system. The modular production line is flexible, it is a comprehensive training platform which is developed for advanced education and scientific research institutions, and it applies to the comprehensive application of technician who are dedicated in teaching and relevant profession in the mechatronics, networking, systematic, advanced manufacturing industry of various institutions of higher learning. It can process extraction and enrichment on industrial equipment, and makes special design for training teaching activities, combines photo electric sensor, machines, electricity, pneumatic and hydraulic organically. The system can not only be used as training system of automation and network, but also can construct network platform by combined with subsystem, and make expand use in it.

Most of the traditional teaching system use a single module equipment as a core for monitoring and control, this module can finish the implementation of some simple action, but it lacked complicated connection and information communication between modules, and it is difficult for teachers to know and direct the operation of every equipment in time, so it will be easy to appear “automation island effect” between the modules of equipment. With the continuous development of information technology, network teaching equipment has become the development direction. Meanwhile, various production equipment and detection systems in the industrial field have formed a network communication and management scheduling. So the study of automated network communications has become a very important part of automated teaching. Modular product system uses the automated network training communication as the main part, and organically combines every training content, such as electrician, electric traction, sensor technology, pneumatic technology, robot assembly, PLC, inverter, industrial automation networks, assembly and debugging of automated production line and so on. It realized the assessment of comprehensive ability of students, improved the quality of teaching and the development capacity of knowledge.
Flexible manufacturing technology specification for modular product system

Flexible manufacturing technology combine various technology of programmed flexible manufacturing processes which is realized on all kinds of different shapes processing object. Flexible manufacturing technology is a technology-intensive technology group, the process technology which focus on flexibility and fit to multi- variety, small and medium-volume (including single product) are all belong to flexible manufacturing technology.